day 2

1. Killing dragons is WTF awesome.

Boom! Headshot!

2. Decapitating people is WTF awesome.

That's what ya get for leavin' the kitchen!


C'mon... just a little bit more...

4. How to solve the Hired Muscle: Atar quest. All it says on the UESPWiki is:

beat up Atar in Karthwasten mine town. for me his grunts start attacking as soon as i won and once Atar gets up he starts attacking. Not sure if a glitch or part of the quets. If you kill him you fail the quest along w/ another quest in the town.

Nice walkthrough...

That’s pretty terrible grammar. Anyway, the trick is: Get the dudes to leave the mine, first. Then follow Atar out. Challenge him and begin fighting. Run away from his guards, far enough that they no longer acknowledge his presence and begin walking away. If no guards are around, then the “defeated” dialogue is never interrupted. And yeah, it’s probably a glitch.

5. There actually is another Argonian in Skyrim. First one that I’ve found… exciting!


6. The highest level heavy armor is Deadric, just like in Oblivion. Not the Dragon Plate. BUT, light armor fans now get Dragon Scale to outperform Glass. So, after discovering this, I’ve decided to switch to light armor in preparation. Also, it’s easier to chase down the ladies.

Excitement Boner: Raging Bull

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