day 5

Character Shot:

Dragonscale Armor (I made it myself)

So, I’ve encountered a pain-in-the-dick bug with the quest item Red Eagle’s Fury. Basically, I’ve already completed the related quest for this item, but some Forsworn happened to have this same item on them… so, naturally, I picked it up (to sell). As it turns out, it’s still registered as a quest item, so I cannot drop it. It weights 12 pounds, so that’s kind of annoying. The fix? Well, I couldn’t find one, so I just used the console (PC only):

player.removeitem 0009fd50 1

I’ve found a source for infinite steel arrows. Just head to solitude and wait for the “soldier training” to start. The arrows hit the targets and build up. With my mercantile, they only sell for 1 septim a piece, but I imagine this would be valuable in earlier levels.

He must have a quiver the size of >redacted< somebody's mom.

Another weird bug that I ran into, after receiving the White Phial from the Repairing the Phial quest, is that empty phials duplicate themselves when clicked on. This would be awesome, but sadly, they don’t all refill (only one does).

This would be much less annoying if they had monetary value...

Also, Jack the Lizzard has struck again…

The sex was consensual, I swear!

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