day 6

After upping my Smithing skill to 100, I’m finding it difficult to level quickly. This typically happens to me in Elder Scrolls games. I've found that leveling was better in Oblivion because I could plot out my leveling path easier (only skills that you’ve selected will level your character).

I’m still wearing my Dragon Scale armor. People comment on it everywhere I go. “OMG! IS THAT DRAGON SCALE ARMOR? DO WANT.” So, there’s no real need for a character shot. I just look the same as yesterday.

One thing that really bothers me about this game is how you constantly have to prove yourself to every foe. I mean, I had my axe disarmed, and I BEAT A DRAGON TO DEATH WITH MY BARE HANDS. Also, I (spoilers) defeated Dragon Priests, conquered entire forts full of fierce warriors (all by myself), became the leader of the Dark Brotherhood, the leader of the Thieves Guild, and the Arch Mage of the Mages’ College, and assasinated the mother fucking emperor. Seriously. I’m getting sick of the lack of dialogue options to support my point (which is: I’m about to WTFPWN you). When I’m met with resistance, I should be able to say “When I assassinated the emperor, he didn’t beg for his life, but I bet you will” or “I’ve killed scores of dragons with this axe, are you sure you’re not afraid of me? Just a little bit?” or even “I’m the Dragonborn, bitch.”

Really? I've just axe-raped your entire army... by myself. But no, you're probably right, I don't stand a chance...

Note: when you fight this guy, wait for him to spawn Daedra. This appears to be one of the few places you can acquire Daedra Hearts, which are required for the manufacture of Daedric weapons and armor.

Bug: When you complete the Azura’s Star quest above, take the Black Star. It accepts white souls as well as black ones in my version of the game, perhaps a patch will fix it.

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