day 1

Preparation, who needs it?

I do. If this is to be more fun than a clown on fire, I must make sure to prepare myself, both physically and emotionally.

Beginning Health Stats:

Yeah, I actually went in for a checkup. By “went in for a checkup” I mean that I visited the chair with the electronic arm band that the obese cart-driving butter-balls are usually sitting in at WalMart.. pfff... at least I don’t use a cart. Also, as you can see, I’m quite healthy.

Beginning Mental Health:

A dear friend of mine has her degree in Health and Human Development. Her assessment is this: Hazy, try again later. I suppose that means I can’t really fuck anything up.

Starting Supplies:

To be determined.

Masturbation, Sex, and Drugs:

Skyrim makes these things obsolete. So, none.

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